Successful completions of The 26 Lake, Meres and Waters:

001Leo Pollard13th/14th June 198135 hrs 29 minsClick for photographs
002Peter Schofield19th June 198142 hrs 38 minsA complete round starting and finishing at Embledon
003Alan Heaton 31st July/1st August 198225 hrs 16 minsArticle from dec 1982 Fell Runner magazine
004Joss Naylor25th/26th June 198319 hrs 14 minsIncluded Kentmere Reservoir
005, 006
Dave Makin, Andy Pooler11th/12th July 201135 hrs 05 minsJoint attempt. click here for schedule
Tony Marlow22nd/23rd June 201937 hrs 09 minsSchedule and times
008Nathanael-Jon Ingram30th November/1st December 201932 hrs 43 minsWinter Attempt 1
Photos Schedule and Times
009Amy Norfolk28th/30th December 201942 hrs 59 minsFirst Lady. Winter attempt 2 Schedule and Times
010Josie Greenhalgh29th/30th August 202033 hrs 39 minsLive tracker link and times
011, 012Dave Colgan, Albert Sunter10th/12th October 202040 hrs 35 minsJoint attempt
013Rob Allen12th/13th December 202029 hrs 21 minsWinter attempt 3
Schedule and Times
Record Sheet
014Kirsty Hewitson4th/5th June 202130 hrs 10 minsLadies Record. Schedule and Times
015, 016Guy Illingworth, John Thompson3rd/4th July 202132 hrs 53 minsJoint attempt, Photos
017Mhairi Helme20th/21st July 202139 hrs 20 minsPhotos Schedule and Times
018Andy Ford21st/22nd August 202124 hrs 42 minsTimes Photos
019Jack Scott6th/7th December 202124 hrs 31minsWinter Attempt 4 - Record
Times Photos
020Alex Staniforth8th/9th April 202232 hrs 09 minsTimes Photos
021, 022David Ralphs, Katherine Sutton28th/29th May 202235 hrs 24 minsJoint attempt. David is the oldest person to complete, at 61 years old.
Report Times Photos
023Matt Le Voi6th/7th August 202232 hrs 06 minsPhotos Report
024Sarah Perry6th/7th January 202329 hrs 39 minsWinter Attempt 5 and new women's record.
Report Schedule Times
025James Gibson1st/2nd April 202322 hrs 55 mins Report Times Photos
026, 027Graham Hayes, Ian Stephenson16th/17th June 2023Graham 34hrs 56 mins
Ian 37hrs 45mins
Photos Report Timings
028Neil Stevens16th/18th June 202335hrs 04 minsReport Timings