The Club has a large number of mountaineering, travel and non-fiction adventure books and also many of the past newsletters and journals.  The Club Committee has decided that these need to be properly catalogued and archived. All the past newsletters, bulletins and journals are now (or soon will be) available on the Club website.   It is proposed to deposit the hard copies of these and other items like books of minutes, log books, and photographs in the Cumbria Archive where they would be kept under controlled conditions. This archive is secure and we would retain ownership of any items deposited.  My current understanding is that there is no cost to us involved. Other outdoor activities clubs use this facility.

Since the start in 1962 our newsletters have been called either circulars, bulletins or newsletters.  I’ve collected all the available ones and digitised them. There is also a separate digitised list of the available Club journals. In both these lists there are some gaps in continuity, this could be where none were published or they are lost. All the available hard copies will be placed in the Cumbria Archive.

For the moment, it is proposed that minute books, log books and other ancillary club records will not be placed on the Club website but will be placed with the Cumbria Archive, to which members will have access. As with the newsletters and journals there are big gaps in continuity.  If you have any of these items along with missing copies of newsletters or journals please contact me to make arrangements for them to be placed in the Club archive. It would be good to plug the gaps.

There are many Club related photographs, some of which date from the Club’s founding.  Back at the hut after the last AGM (November 2018), members had a jolly time browsing and annotating many of them with the names of people and places. Most of them were identified. I’ll be putting the full set on the Club website where members will have the opportunity to further complete the identification.

Details of the Club’s collection of books are now digitised and produced in the form of a catalogue. This will be placed in the Archive section of the website but will only be accessible to members. All other books have been excluded from the catalogue, but are still retained for members’ use.

If you hold any Club records or other Club memorabilia please make contact with a view to it being placed on the Club website and included in the archive

Finally I’d like to thank Jan and Peter Grace, Sue Carter and Pauline for their excellent advice and help in digitising.

January 2019