Robert Green’s Bob Graham
Saturday 10 th June, 2017

Leg 1
I arrived at Keswick at 11.30pm on the 9 th June, 2017 with family and friends. I met up with my Leg 1 support crew. Tony Marlow was navigator, Albert Sunter, Mike Ernill and John Morrisey as pacers. We waited at the start with one other team, they went early which was great so we could set off at midnight on our own. The beginning of the night was dry with clag on the tops. Calver was tricky and cost me 25mins. The rain started to move in on Blencathra which made a slippery descent down into Threlkeld. This is where my father Robert Green and brother Joel Green were waiting with rice pudding and tea for all.

Leg 2
I was joined by Andy Pooler- Navigator, John Parkin, Daz Graham and Matthew Smith as pacers. The rain got heavier and the clag remained throughout this leg which meant an early departure by Matthew and Daz at Helvellyn leaving myself, Andy and John to finish the leg in heavy rain. I arrived at Dunmail still smiling, with a complete change of clothes in a van I was ready for the next leg.

Leg 3
Dave Makin navigator, Natasha Fellowes, Tony Shanley, Jenni Boocock and Dave Jackson as pacers. Climbing Steele Fell with fresh dry cloths and a warm belly full of food felt great there was lots of banter and chatting going on which made us forget about the weather which had become driving rain and high winds. We were met at Rossett Pike by Peter and Hilary McGonagle with a warm brew and food. Onwards we went, the next challenge was Broadstand. We had two climbers waiting, Dave Talbot and Alex Erwin. The climb was greasy and dangerous but was made easier with a caving ladder and rope. We were soon up and over and down into Wasdale. We hadn’t lost any time on this leg or gained any but we were still down on schedule.

Leg 4
In Wasdale the rain had stopped but the wind on the top was strong and fierce-some. I was joined by Oz Kershaw navigator, Dave Reynolds, Dave Jackson, Natasha Fellowes and Chris Lloyd. Keeping on our feet was the hard part, a lot of running done on this leg and sometime gained down into Honister. There was a large crowd there to greet me with club members, family and friends, which was a great feeling. A quick hot dog and a drink of tea. My Grandad Leo Pollard was there and said, “just go now don’t mess about here, just get to the finish”. So I did. No change of shoes or clothes – off I went.

Leg 5
Myself and my dad Robert Green as navigator and Tom Makin, Jaynie Dickinson, Robert Garstang and Martin Kirkman as pacers. The weather was clear, still very strong winds coming off Robinson looking down into Keswick, such a great feeling as we came down to Newlands Church, a quick change of shoes and clothes with the all-important Achille Ratti race top. We were joined by Dave Makin on the road section to Keswick. I approached Moot Hall running up the main street and I found the crowd had doubled in size to greet me. Standing at Moot Hall, I touched the door, becoming the third generation of our family to complete the Bob Graham. My father Robert Green No. 972 and grandfather Leo Pollard No 44, were both there to greet me.

Keswick Moot Hall – 22.56pm