Bob Graham Club – help wanted with missing info

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Bob Wightman, the Membership Secretary of the Bob Graham Club has got in touch about filling in information that is missing from the records. If anyone can help please get in touch with Bob.”Hi, I’m the membership secretary of the Bob Graham Club. I’ve been digitising the old paper records and am missing some information. Some of this may relate to your club members but in working through who helped who on the Round I’ve come across Achille Ratti members who might be able to help me. One such is Colin Jones who did his round in 1998 assisting Alan Sweatman for whom I’m missing info.A full list may be found here –, if you, or any of your current members, recognise any of your members there would you mind asking them to get in touch with me and I can hopefully fill in the blanks in our records.Many Thanks.Bob Wightman”